About John

June 15th, 2022

John didn't quit his day job to get into photography. 

In fact, he's never held a position that hasn’t related to cameras and photography in some way.


John's father was a photographer, and at age 13 he remembers asking his dad for money to go to the movies, and he handed John a camera (yes, it was a film camera) and said,


“You gotta earn it.”


John gets his work ethic from his father who was a master at what he did, and gets to carry the torch to the next generation.

"There is no better legacy than that & having this in my blood really makes me feel that i am one with photography.

How many other photographers have photography running through their veins? Not many, I can tell you that!"


John attended International Center of Photography, in NYC.  Having already spent years training for & shooting weddings, he wanted to go to school for something that would make it really exciting & different so he studied Fashion Photography & Photojournalism. 

John assisted some of the worlds most famous fashion photographers. Working for Patrick Demarchalier taught him more about creating a beautiful story using photography instead of words.


And being in a punk rock band during his teens and twenties and singing on stage also gave him an edge as well.

"Music gives me radical vision of imaging and a mega-watt energetic personality that I use to direct the wedding day like no one else can."

However none of this was certain until John met his wife. 

"Lovina really keeps me and this entire operation grounded & running smoothly. She is the brains & brawn ofJohn Arcara Photography."


That's John's Legacy. Make him a part of yours!

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