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|| The 3 R's: Rings, Roses, and Regret? ||

May 4, 2018

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|| Cake Smash!: #MoreBabies2016 ||

June 7, 2016

That's right, while wedding season is in full swing, we can make some time for some cutie pies. Especially when they're as cute as this.


It also doesn't hurt that we've been a part of this family's story for quite some time. Gotta love some legacy! 


We watched Mike & Lauren get married at Clarks Landing back in 2013.  



You can read about it here! In case you're lazy though here's proof that they're adorable! 


Our kind of people. 


We were with them during maternity times too! As well as once little Anthony arrived. 



They even stopped by for a Holiday Mini Session.



They grow up sooooo fast! What better way to commemorate the occasion than with a cake smash!  

That's how I eat cake too honestly.  


How did that happen?! 

Good thing we had an emergency bathtub at the ready! We're so happy to see this family time and again. Can't wait to continue to be part of their legacy as Baby Anthony grows up!


Don't miss those milestones! Make an appointment for a family portrait or your babies very own cake smash today! Click here to get in touch with us!


 See more of Baby Anthony's Cake Smash Below! Enjoy! - Tatiana



Gallery below: 

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