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Fine Art Album

Fine Art

Fine art magazine style pages. This 13x9 album Displays about 100 of your favorite images!

This book is custom designed by us to capture the essence and emotion of your day like no other.

It displays your images as the page creating an unlimited element of design.

Book covers are available in your choice of colors, textures, and materials.

Fine Art Parent Book* - 11"x8"

Two custom acrylic & leather bound replicas of your “Fine Art Book” 

Fine Art Parent albums have these binding options.

(It's not too late to add parent albums to your order!

If you would like this special gift added to your package, just let us know and we'll update your information) 

Step 1: Pick your favorite images

  • How many? - You will pick 100 images and we will work DOWN from there.  Anywhere from 90- 100 will actually get into the book.

  • Format - The file names will look something like _JON4567.jpg and can be copied & pasted into a document from Online Gallery or you can see them once you download your images. 

  • Delivery: Your list must be typed in a form we can copy the text from (no pictures of lists etc). Email us your typed list in an attachment or in the body of your email.

If your list is not formatted correctly we will request you to redo it, otherwise we cannot move forward.

If the pictures are in any specific order, please make a note of this, otherwise we do order the pictures chronologically and according to subject. This is also a good time to note any minor edits that you would like applied to your pictures.*

Step 2: Cover Choices & Additional Embellishments

  • Paper type: Paper comes in Glossy metallic or Metallic Matte pages. We generally suggest the the metallic matte.

  • Page Gilding: Silver, Steel, or Gold. You can also leave the page edges plain.

  • Engraving & Embossing: Certain albums have a metal band that can be engraved or have fabric that can be imprinted. There is a 26 Character Limit. Most albums will say if this is an option, but if you're not sure, please ask. You will need to spell it out your names and the date perfectly for us. It is pasted directly into the imprinting option. 

Step 3: Proofs, Revisions & Approval 

  • Proofs: Usually, you will receive your proof within 2-4 weeks. It's a rough estimate cause sometimes a bunch of albums come in at the same time. We apprecaite your patience as your album is compiled. 

  • Approval or Editing:  Please email us with any questions/revisions or to send an approval within 14 days so that we may place the order as soon as possible. Be sure that all spellings and dates are correct, as once the book is ordered, revisions are no longer possible.


  • Submitting Revisions: Use picture numbers as well as precise descriptions so there's less room for error.  If an image didn't get used that you love, please email me the original jpeg at full resolution so we can be sure to incorporate the exact image for you.


  • Remember that only one round changes is permitted and above that will incur an additional charge of $50.00 per change. Any images substituted for your original selections will also incur the same additional charge.

Step 4: Now we wait!

Like the Fine Art Album, this album is made in Italy, and it can take a bit of time to go from production and ship its way back to The States. We appreciate your patience as your album is put together. Thank you!

Ready to Rock? 

If you're all set go ahead and

click the button below to download your album form.

This album has so many options we don't want you to miss a thing!

Once you've downloaded it, make your choices, fill the form out and send it back our way as an attachment or in the body of an email.

After that you'll be on your way to getting your fabulous album into your home. 

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