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So you're getting married...

We may not be the first and we definitely won't be the last but let's take a moment to say:



Things might be moving fast, people are asking a lot of questions and its hard to know where to start or what you need.

We want to make this as simple (and maybe fun) as possible for you.


So what do you need? How about a little Legacy, Luxury & Rock N Roll?



Of course you need a photographer (that's why you're here),

but not just anyone can give you the rockstar wedding you deserve. You only get one shot at the perfect picture and John and his team never miss. That's because they have years of experience, going back generations.


Learn more about how John and Lovina's Legacy can be part of yours here!

Generations of Weddings - Thats Legacy
Wedding Rings



These days the biggest luxury is peace of mind.

We have everything you need from the second you get engaged to after the honeymoon's over so you don't have to worry about it.


Here are some things you might want to consider: 

Groom and Groomsmen goofing around


Weddings can be stressful but don't forget: They're supposed to be fun!

As a veteran of the punk rock scene, 

"stiff" is not in John's vocabulary

(unless its a stiff drink,

seriously he'll pass you a flask). 

It's our job to put you at ease on your big day so you don't look posed. 

John and his crew will keep your smiling through the planning and all wedding day long so you can be yourself.


What's more rock and roll than that? 

Rock N Roll

Maybe you want to talk with us in person first. No problem

Use this form to let us know your interested.

How can we make your big day the best? Let us know below!

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Before the Wedding

  • Do I want an Engagement Shoot? 

​Probably! ​​Engagement shoots can be put to work for Save The Dates and Guestbook Photo Albums. Also: They're just a fun way to get into the swing of your wedding! Not sure what to wear? Click here for some helpful tips.

Of course you're gorgeous, but our tasteful boudoir ​portrait sessions may or may not be for you. They do make a great gift for that special someone in your life so, click here to find out more about our Sexy Little Bride Sessions

  • Is Video Old Fashioned?

Not the way we do it! Our wedding films have more of a modern feel to them. Using contemporary editing techniques and music, we make sure your wedding film will have you pulling out the popcorn. 

  • Oh No! Time Management's not my strong suit! Help!

That's ok, its ours! John is very aware of the timing of your day and likes to keep things running smoothly. Have a question about getting pictures taken at sunset or wondering about a "first look"? You've come to the right place. ​

  • Need More Guidance? Check out the blog! 

We're covering topics you may not think of and talking to real brides about how they relaxed when planning. 

#ArcaraAdvice has posts like our Picture Perfect Day Series and other tips that couples might need. 


During the Wedding

  • What kind of Guestbook do I want? 

We love it when couples use their engagement shoot photos for their guestbook.

Guests can sign right on some pictures. It's a double memento. Don't forget about this often overlooked part of your day. 

  • What's Uplighting?

Uplighting adds drama to your venue. However, a lot of times people use blue or purple lights. If your entertainment is providing uplighting, we recommend a clear or an amber light.

These still bring some warmth and richness to the room but doesn't leave you looking like a smurf. 


After the Wedding

  • When do I get my pictures? Video? 

Photos are generally 10 weeks from the wedding. Videos editing does take longer. 

  • How do I display them?

Albums are a great way to show off the best parts of your day.

We can also get you prints from our lab in a variety of sizes. Just ask! 

  • Now that the dust's clear I wanna upgrade my album package...

Sure! Just let us know and we'll get you pricing. If you want a sneak peak at our albums click here.

  • I wanna be wedding famous!

Awesome! Fill out our contact form and let us know.

We'll get you some questions so we can feature you on our blog. 

  • Let's do it again!

Why not! Is your family getting bigger? Are you having a party? Did you need headshots?

We can help with that! Contact us and we'll get you what you need. 

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