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|| 5 Tips for Rain On Your Wedding Day: Amanda + Dennis - Hoboken Engagement Session ||

Engagement Session - Double Rainbow

September and October are great months for portraits and weddings. Still pretty warm, the leaves are starting to change, its getting cool enough for layering sweaters and necklaces etc, pumpkin props....and ummm pumpkin spice lattes (don't be ashamed, I see you with ya Starbucks!)

Engagement Shoot - Autumn's Awesome

There is one draw back to all the fall festivities. Nothing to worry about, it's just a little thing called: Hurricane Season! You may have heard of it.

Engagement Session - Hurricane Season

Even the most detailed plan can be thrown off by unexpected weather. (ie: This past weekend rain and some other downpours we had recently)

This got us thinking, except in some serious situations (I'm sure a majority of you reading this are Jersey adjacent, you know how serious it can be) a little inclement weather doesn't have to mean the end of your photos.


Take a look at this Hoboken Engagement Session with Amanda & Dennis

They had rain on their engagement shoot a couple weeks ago. They lady with the umbrella up top? Yeah that was how the day started, but they were definitely ready to go and still got some really nice shots despite everything. Take a look at that rainbow! You can't make this stuff up!

So what can you do to make sure your rainy day is a success? Well there are a couple things!

(Here is the informative part of the PSA)

5 Things You Can Do to Prep For Bad Weather:

1) Check Check Check - Check it out (the weather that is) -

Check early, check often, it changes! Your day might look like it's in the clear the week before but by that night you might have a storm on your hands. Don't be paranoid about it but definitely keep an eye on it so you can adjust.

Engagement Shoot - Check the weather

2) Be Prepared - Function and Fashion

After looking into the weather and determining that you might have some clouds rolling in, you'll want to take some practical steps to make your self comfortable.

For some that might mean adorable heels and more power to ya!

Engagement Shoot - Hoboken

For others that might mean, wearing shoes you don't mind getting wet and provide coverage for your feet. Grab an umbrella and have some clothes with you that are easy to layer on, like scarves and slouchy sweaters on in case it gets chilly. Tis the season, so embrace your sweaters and boots: it's your right!

More Engagement shoot dressing tips here!]

For your wedding, look into attractive shawls, stoles and gloves to keep you toasty. If you're going to be on wet grass, you might want to look into keeping your heels stable or better yet, if your dress hides them, you might want to wear a different pair of shoes for trekking about. Definitely check in with your hairstylist and makeup artist too, they'll probably give you an extra spritz of something to keep everything in place.

3) Style It Up! -

OK! We're talking Yellow Morton Salt Girl Galoshes, Adorable Vintage Umbrellas (make sure they can hold up in the rain) 0r just regular umbrellas (Clear is a good option but going with your colors/theme or something more custom are also nice ideas). Add some fun to your photos.

Engagement Style - Cute Umbrella

Get your Pinterest on and find a way to work your style into the weather. Who needs Mylar balloons? The rain can be your prop. It makes for some pretty interesting pictures.

4) Take it....inside.

Unfortunately, things might get bad enough that you need a change of scenery. Talk to your photographer and, if you're planning a wedding, your venue ahead of times to see what your options are. Chances are they've probably been there and might have a good idea on places to go in and around the venue that are a little drier while you're waiting for heavier elements to pass or if you need to change your portrait plans completely.

Engagement Shoot - Hoboken Terminal

You may not need it, but it never hurts to have a backup plan.

For example, John knows plenty of cool spots in the Hoboken Terminal add some variety to your shoot and keep out of the rain if needed.

5) Don't Stress Out! -

Your wedding day will be great cause you and your partner are there together weathering the storm. It's a metaphor for life! Put it in your thank you cards and move on. Sure, its kind of a bummer, but its definitely not the thing you'll remember most.

Engagement Session - Hero Shot

So don't get too hung up about bad weather. More often than not it adds a layer of interest to your photos: "who would've thought, it figures."

Embrace it! Stay safe and have fun out there.

You can see more pictures from Amanda & Dennis' Engagement Shoot in the slideshow Want to take your own stand against the weather?

Click the link below to make an appointment for an Engagement Shoot or other portrait session today!

Engagement Session - Make an Appt

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