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|| Picture Perfect Day: Getting Ready ||


|| Picture Perfect Day: Getting Ready & Relaxing ||

Weddings! What are they really? How do they work? Does anyone know?

[Pleasantdale Chateau - Christina + Jeff ]

Hello, I'm here with John Arcara Photography to tell you that wedding photography doesn't have to be complicated. Our team of experts knows exactly what weddings are and their secrets that have been passed down for generations and will continue to be passed down from generations to come.

But don't take my word for it, the following series will outline some Tips and Tricks from John & Lovina themselves for getting through one of the longest (and hopefully most fun) days of your life unscathed and, of course, picture perfect.


Getting Ready & Relaxing

Getting ready with your bridal party can be one of the best parts of your day! You hand picked some of your favorite friends and family to stand by your side and they can definitely help keep you relaxed as the the clock ticks down to aisle time. Make sure you and your gang looks their best and have fun doing it.

Who? What? Where? When?

  • Think about where you are getting dressed:

Is the space big enough to accommodate you, your girls, and family?

[Pro-Tip: Get matching getting ready robes for your bridesmaids.

It's less stressful than trying to coordinate outfits, and a super nice gift that they'll definitely use again!]

Can you be properly spread out? Is there sufficient light?

Would you want pictures of that space in your big beautiful book since your photographer WILL be shooting it?

  • Have your dress hung on a *nice* hanger (no wire or plastic).

  • Have everything ready BEFORE the imaging professionals arrive. This includes:

All bride’s jewelry including wedding bands.

Bride’s shoes and veil. Any special lingerie?

Don’t forget your invitation too!

  • Don’t open gifts or cards or notes without your imaging professionals there.

This is an amazing opportunity for them to capture some beautiful emotion.

  • Do a toast with some good champagne!

It’s relaxing & a great photo op!

[Mimosas are a great mix of health and happy if you ask me!]

Looking the Sharp!

  • Hire hair and make-up artists who are professional, efficient, and dress the part. They are going to be in your pictures so they should be put together on your big day.

They also will be the first ones to cause the entire day to run late & that usually cuts down on the time your imaging professionals have. Less time = less photos.

Ask your wedding planner or photo/video crew for referrals if needed.

If the professionals you trust recommend them then you’ll be able to trust them too!

  • Schedule hair and makeup so that the bride is IN the make-up chair when the imaging professionals arrive, this way they can catch some great preparation images.

  • If you’re having your makeup done at a salon instead of where you are getting dressed then arrange to have your photographer come there to take some photos. It makes for great images & a wonderful start to your story.

  • Whoever is going to help you into your gown should be all dressed & ready before you are out of the make-up chair


You're gonna be gorgeous! Thanks to John and Lovina for these great tips!

Know a bride who's stressing? Send them the link!

There's plenty more where that came from, stay tuned for the next part:

|| Picture Perfect Day: First Looks, Ceremony, & Pictures ||

Want a little of that Arcara Advice in person? Click here to to make an appointment with us ​​


And don't forget there are still some spots open for the 2017 season.


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