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|| Picture Perfect Wedding: Pre-Wedding Prep ||

Weddings! What are they really? How do they work? Does anyone know?

Hello, I'm here with John Arcara Photography to tell you that wedding photography doesn't have to be complicated. Our team of experts knows exactly what weddings are and their secrets that have been passed down for generations and will continue to be passed down from generations to come.

But don't take my word for it, the following series will outline some Tips and Tricks from John & Lovina themselves for getting through one of the longest (and hopefully most fun) days of your life unscathed and, of course, picture perfect.


Pre-Wedding Prep

Before the wedding there are are plenty of things to think about but sometime certain things get overlooked. A little self care and planning ahead can ensure that your make up artist & photographer don't have to work too hard getting you camera ready.

Gorgeous Inside and Out

  • Don’t drink too much the night before. Alcohol will dehydrate you & create dark circles under your eyes that are hard to cover up with makeup.

[Ashford Estate Bride: Adrienne - Read about her wedding here ]

  • Watch those tan lines if you have a strapless gown….no amount of Photoshop will cover that!

  • SHOES SHOES SHOES, lose the white & think about color or bling or both!

[Guys don't think you're exempt- you can do this too! Accessorize fellas.

On Vendors:

  • Give all of your vendors FULL names & addresses of all locations. Creating a detailed timeline is a bonus

  • If your photographer does not provide video also then be sure to hire a videographer who uses an unobtrusive style that will compliment your photographer. Ask your planner or photographer for a referral. This way you know they will be a good match.

  • Tell you florist to level out the bottom of your bouquet stems so your photo & video stand can stand them up if need be for a cute image. Make sure all the personal flowers are all there before the photographer arrives.

It's Gonna be OK!

  • Expect the unexpected. Rain or shine, hail or snow, it’s your day to celebrate no matter what happens. Look to the imperfections to make your wedding perfect.

  • Details Details Details… bring a lot of yourselves to the wedding; props, details, grooms cake, custom sneakers or socks for the boys, hand painted signs, photobooth.

Magazines LOVE details, your vendors LOVE details & you will be soooo happy when you see your book filled with images of all the little things you so painstakingly created for your day.

[Don't be shy - Pin it!]

and finally:

  • SMILE! SMILE! SMILE! I guarantee you it’s going perfectly!


So reassuring! Thanks to John and Lovina for these great tips! Know a bride who's a little antsy? Send this their way!

There's plenty more where that came from, stay tuned for the next part: Getting Ready and Staying Relaxed.

And don't forget there are still some spots open for the 2017 season.

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