Let's Rock!

|| The 3 R's: Rings, Roses, and Regret? ||

There’s a lot of pressure to be had during wedding planning.

Once the initial excitement wears off, it starts to dawn you that some people feel they have a right to input for a variety of reasons. Family, friends and coworkers are the obvious culprits but then there’s the "Wedding Industrial Complex" (magazines, blogs, etc), which you are going to for guidance. Sometimes though, they can make you feel like you’re missing out or worse, feel post wedding regret for not following this or that trend.

What can you do to keep that pressure at bay and still enjoy the planning process?

Wedding Regrets and How to Avoid Them

Regret #1: Your Family/Friends/Partner made “suggestions” that didn't line up with your “vision” but...you went along with it

- Solution: Talk with your partner (early and often) -

[Family is great though!}

Over the next few months people are going to start telling you, apropos of nothing, how important communication is to your relationship.

First of all, of course it is, it really goes without saying.

Second, in this instance, it’s particularly good advice.

Family dynamics or certain obligations to friends, may not be familiar to you at this point but are possibly important to your partner to uphold. Other things, not so much. Determining what you both can stand firm on together (especially when you’re discussing these things with family without them) is important.