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|| Natalie + Kyle at Above Ballroom ||"

I know what you're thinking, "Where are the weddings? What's with all these babies?"

Gosh, hold your horses! What's the matter? You don't like babies? Sheesh!

Here is a wedding at Above Ballroom that we love love loved, but haven't had a chance to blog about yet. Shame on us really because Natalie has a really nice story.

Perhaps my most favorite thing about her wedding though is a little bittersweet. Unfortunately, her father "passed away in 2000" and she wanted to honor him by incorporating his work into her photos.

"My father was a NYC firefighter...and will always be my hero. I know that he would have been so happy to see me get married that day. As a tribute to him, I decided to include his fire helmet and badge as I took pictures at his old firehouse.

"I was able to honor my father and helped him be a significant part of my big day. My mother (my best friend) took the place of my father by walking me down the aisle. Even when not holding his fire helmet, his presence was definitely there."

[ Transportation by Romantique Limousine Inc ]

That's so touching! While her father couldn't be there that day, you can definitely feel the love for him throughout her wedding.

"Before I walked down the aisle one of my bridesmaids said to me, don’t worry about all the people who are here in the church- Keep your eyes on your future husband as you walk in. And…that was exactly what I did. As I walked down the aisle I took one look at Kyle and just smiled. From there on, I was just so excited to be marrying my best friend. The rest of the ceremony was beautiful in every way."

It most certainly was! We love some of Natalie's wedding day details.

Here are some of her thoughts on bringing her big day to life!

"When we first started planning our wedding, we kept one word in mind; elegant. For me, I knew that meant the color scheme would be mostly neutral with a pop of color. Taupe was the color I chose for the bridesmaids. Since our wedding was in the beginning of August, we still wanted a summer feel."

"As a gift to the bridesmaids, I gave them each a raspberry color flower to be worn as they wished in their hair, as well as a bright raspberry color lipstick to wear on their lips. The groomsmen wore black tuxedos, taupe ties and vests, and a raspberry flower pinned to their jacket."

[ Flowers by Carroll's Florist ]

"The venue [Above Ballroom] was stunning to begin with but keeping the neutrals throughout with gray linens and adding a touch of silver and gold in small details really allowed the raspberry flowers in the centerpieces, candelabras, and floating candles to really stand out."

"I love being creative, so DIY projects were definitely incorporated into our wedding planning. The largest DIY project was my seating chart! A gold picture frame held a script printed sign that said please take your seat. On a glass mirror board, I purchased small clear ghost chairs where I labeled in clear paper my guest’s names and table numbers. Dividing them in alphabetical order I made the diving chairs include a script letter, guiding my guests to actually “take their seats”. My sister and I worked so hard on this, and after a few tries and a bunch of chairs falling down, we pulled it off!"

"My dress was something I knew exactly what I was looking for. After a few trips to a few different bridal shops, I found it. It was a silhouette empire style dress with subtle beading on the top part of the front and back. An off-white/light taupe belt was built in as a part of the the dress, creating a 'V' in the back. My hair, which I envisioned before I even went looking for the dress was a high loop bun leaving attention to the long earrings I knew I wanted to pop."

[ [ Shoes by Jimmy Choo - Hair & Make Up by House of Trends ]

What I loved most about my dress though, was not so much the design, but a special thing that was added to design.

[ Gown design by Casablanca ]

The seamstress at the bridal store was able to incorporate something that meant so much to me into my dress. My something blue was a piece of my dad’s old dress shirt which I cut into a heart. The seamstress not only incorporated it on the underside of my gown but embroidered beading around the heart making it even more special.

[ Entertainment by Brian Kirk and The Jirks ]

"I guess my favorite moment of the day was after Kyle and I were officially married and we were taking our photographs. We had so much fun with our photographers who were willing to do anything we wanted to capture the moment...I think our adrenalines were running so high and we were happy to sharing that moment together and with a great photo team who was able to capture it all."

Awww Natalie! You know John and the crew definitely had fun taking photos of you guys and taking in all the neat details of your wedding. (I wasn't even there but that's so nice!)

Want to have just as much fun on your big day as Natalie did? Get in on the ground floor with an engagement session! Click here to make an appointment with us today!

Until then, Check out more shots from Natalie's awesome wedding in the gallery below! Enjoy! - Tatiana

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