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|| Relax on Your Big Day: Ashford Couple - Jenna + Garret ||

While March has definitely come in like a lion, it's also had some really nice reminders to help get us through the gloomier parts of early spring. I mean, we did spring forward, and while that's initially terrible (oh god, please help, why) it will eventually mean a little more sunshine in our Is this post upbuilding yet?

I'm getting there.

Good things about March:

- Soon: Sunshine?

- Apparently in the UK it's Mother's Day on the 11th. (I kinda thought people were mixing up March and May)

- Unexpected Snowstorm Work Cancellation Possibility

- It's National Women's Month! And March 8th was International Women's Day!

While that's passed, it's never too late to celebrate women!

Apparently, we've been doing this since the late 80s.

"In 1987, Congress declared March as NationalWomen's History Month in perpetuity." (National Women's History Project -

In any case, hooray! Ya did it Women, good on ya.

In all seriousness, we meet a lot of inspiring women in our industry, between the vendors and our brides, their friends and their families. The support and joy that's interchanged between them should definitely be celebrated.

One bride that came to mind that day was Jenna, a fantastic former bride who got married at The Ashford Estate.

(I'll always love her Monique Lhillier gown)

For whatever reason this picture [below] has also stuck with me as a beautiful example of that love being shown through the generations of women.

Her lovely hand being supported by her family, who have been there for her and understand where she's come from and what lies ahead, is a testament to that encouragement that only other women can give. It's really beautiful and warms my heart (in this stubbornly cold weather).

Her friends supporting her was equally adorable! Seriously: Too Cute.

Jenna has some advice to lend some of her own support for brides to be facing the long road of planning ahead:

"One piece of advice I would give is not to stress the small stuff especially close to the big day."

"All the planning and decisions making is so worth the reward

and in the end, it all works out and comes together.

Make sure to take every moment in because the day is over in a blink of an eye."

I love love love that. The day does go very fast. Don't worry over things you can't control. That's pretty good life advice too! Thanks Jenna, for being a fabulous bride and woman! Make sure to go thank some of the wonderful women in your life this month, you'll be surprised how that will help you get through the doldrums of March.

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