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|| Real Weddings: Sarah + Mike - Asbury Park Engagement ||


Compliment & Contrast:

Your Venue, Your Engagement Shoot, and You

Where are you getting married?

Is it at a waterfront hotel like the Oyster Point Hotel Sarah & Mike are planning their wedding?

Or maybe its more of a woodland area like The Pleasantdale Chateau or The Ashford Estate?

At someone's home? In a restaurant? On the beach? It might be good to think about how that works with your engagement session. The two things are more connected than you think.

Your engagement session can be your guests first look at you guys as a couple. They can be used on your Save The Dates, your friends might sneak them in to your wedding shower, and maybe they'll be in your engagement guest book!

Why not give your guests something different than they'll get at the wedding?

Some of our favorite venues are the local ones! We love shooting in Red Bank, Asbury Park, & Allaire State Park because they offer a variety of off beat spots to shoot and allow for a different vibe than where you'll take your wedding pictures.

For example Asbury Park is perfect for Sarah & Mike's Upcoming wedding at the Oyster Point. You might think they're too similar as they're both water adjacent but there are a lot of nice difference too! The boardwalk and various colorful locations are a nice contrast to the classical nautical feel from the Oyster Point and surrounding area. That's not to say that there aren't serious spots too.

Love the drama of that shadow: Every. Single. Time.

It doesn't have to be a contrast either. Maybe you want the beach and a slightly different beach.

More power to ya! Compliment your venue with your wedding photos as much as you please! Maybe it works better with your theme to have your engagement session be a little more by the seashore. Coordinating your engagement shoot with your theme can give you guests a taste of what's to come.

Regardless as you start getting wedding things together, be sure to give some thought to where and when you want your engagement shoot to be.

Where ever you go, as long as you're bringing your personality to your pictures, you'll do great!

Speaking of: Sarah and Mike were fantastic. I love love love a genuine laughing smile and the two of them deliver! We can't wait to see them at the Oyster Point this summer as they tie the knot!

More shots from their engagement below! Enjoy!


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