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|| Relax on Your Big Day: The Royalton Couple - Bridgette + Jonathan ||

Our Bride, Bridgette, had such a great day at The Royalton with us! You can read about it here.

Or even better you can watch her wedding feature here:

We asked her for some tips for couples who are still getting things together and just want to stay calm.

Here's what she had to say:

"Drink more champagne! Don’t stress about it! It should always be fun and when it’s not fun, take a break and come back to it later."

If either of you could go back and give your

newly engaged self some advice what would that be?

[ We couldn't agree more!]

"Something likely won’t go exactly as planned and that’s OK because really, no one will ever know but you. So when that happens, stay in the moment and have fun, it won’t make or break the day."

[She wasn't kidding! We love these personalized champagne flutes.]

How did you stay relaxed/calm the day of the wedding?

"That morning a group of us went to SoulCycle for a pre-wedding workout."

"My brother organized a few of my aunts, bridesmaids, and friends, and we all had a blast!"


That's honestly my favorite thing. I would never think to exercise on my wedding day but some people work differently and getting the blood pumping is exactly what they need to de-stress.

Would you do a pre-wedding workout?

We'll be asking more brides what they did to relax on their wedding day so keep your eyes peeled for more insider tips.

And don't forget to take a look at Bridgette's Wedding Day here:


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